Ammar Al-Mahdi, DDS

Board Certified Orthodontist

Meet Fredericksburg Orthodontist Dr. Al-Mahdi

Dr. Ammar Al-MahdiHi there! I am Dr. Ammar Al-Mahdi, your hometown orthodontist, it is my passion to give you the smile you desire. I would love to say that orthodontics is a unique cosmetic and visionary field, I believe it takes an extensive education to produce an orthodontist, but it takes far more vision, skills, and art to create a good one.

I hold a patent in the field of orthodontics and I implemented a new, novel orthodontic device. I graduated from The Ohio State University, College of Dentistry, Division of Orthodontics. I attained my certificate in Orthodontics and Master in Orthodontic Science. My thesis topic was published in one of the most respected journals in orthodontics – Angel Orthodontics Journal.

I electively went through rigorous written, clinical and interview exams to attain the American board of orthodontics certificate — a level of excellence held by only 20% of the nation’s orthodontists.

Affiliated Organizations:

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics
  • American Association of Orthodontics
  • American Dental Association
  • Great Lakes Association of Orthodontics
  • Southern Association of Orthodontics
  • Greater Loudoun Study Group
  • Rappahannock Study Group

Personally, I am married to my lovely wife, Nour, and we have two little awesome girls, Judi and Zara. I love going to the gym almost everyday, and spending fun time with my family.